Christians in an increasingly hostile society

Via the Trevin Wax blog, I learn of this article by Michael Bird:

As we construct a Christian response to gay marriage, the evangelical and apostolic churches (not the liberals churches who are little more than chaplains for Nero) need to do from an ecclesiology of exile, not from an ecclesiology of christendom. We are on the periphery of society, not in its privileged position. We do it recognizing we are the outsiders, we not the respected authority we once were.

It tends, fittingly, with a long and very relevant quotation from the Epistle of Barnabas.


3 thoughts on “Christians in an increasingly hostile society

  1. I like Michael Bird but that’s a laughable article. Um marriage is not a Christian thing. It’s a human institution. Gay marriage is not inevitable and any person, Christian or otherwise would be mad to assent to such a massive state intrustion as gay marriage represents. Kiss your civil rights, your free speech, your freedom of religion, your parental rights good bye. And yep, Christians, lay down and die and the state will leave you Christians alone to have your picnic *snort*

  2. Christians are to be the light to the world, they cannot be that light if they proclaim anything other than the truth. It is not our fault that the world does not want it.

  3. I think that we do need to adjust our mindsets, and prepare for the crunch. If we don’t know where we draw the line, we will be pushed into compromise insensibly.

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