From my diary

The migration of my site has worked, and everything seems to be OK bar two things:

  1. I can no longer access the mail through Demon’s old and obsolete Turnpike software.  That’s because the new site enforces the use of SSH.  I know a workaround; to use stunnel; or maybe I should just accept the inevitable and forward it all to Gmail.  Hmmm…
  2. The counter at the bottom of the pages no longer works.  This is a copy of Count 2.5, a C program, once at the cutting edge of the web — in 1998! — and which hasn’t been updated since 2001.  It compiles, although with errors; but it doesn’t work.  Should I just get rid of it?  But I quite like having it there.  Hmmm….

Update: Got the counter working.  It was just a question of the right (new) IP address.


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