Sources for Punic inscriptions

A little while ago I posted on the ancient evidence for child sacrifice at Carthage.  Part of this was an inscription, of doubtful meaning. 

This led me to enquire just what sources there are online for punic inscriptions.  A kind correspondent volunteered some information, which may be of use to any venturing into these waters.

CIS [Corpus Inscriptionum Semiticarum] is not online, neither is KAI (German for Canaanite and Aramean Inscriptions by Donner and Rollig which is more recent)

The only online source in English is Cooke ( but it is so out of date as to be worthless.

Your best bet for online are the sources in French or Spanish. Repetoire de Epigraphie Semitique is available through the 1940s, which covers most of the major Punic inscriptions. You can search for these as R.E.S and the assigned number. Google books, I believe has the early volumes in complete form. Also, the Comptes Rendus des Seances…. (CRAI) are available on

It sounds as if those interested in Semitic inscriptions have much to do, to publicise their subject.  A search on Google returned very little of use.

I understand that the inscriptions, in the main, do not tie up very much with the literary sources.


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  1. KAI [äische_und_Aramäische_Inschriften ] – is the most useful collection I know of. If you want to read the original inscriptions – go to a local library and

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