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This morning I’ve been poking around the PDF volumes of the Patrologia Graeca.  I was trying to find the Lexicon of Photius, in fact.

I’ve not achieved much, because it’s quite hard to work out which volumes contain what.  Each volume does contain a table of contents; but you have to download and open the PDF to see it.  Some of the volumes are in 1900 reprints, which I can’t access anyway.

It seems to me that someone needs to go through the PDF volumes and type up a table of contents for each, and put it online.  There’s only 161 of them, and the task might take a day or two.  I was a little tempted myself, in truth.


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  1. Cavallera, for all its limitations, is probably the only index. (Migne’s own index went up in flames!!) A useful tool is the Index Auctorum at the beginning of Lampe’s Patr. Greek Lexicon – for most they give the PG reference. Somebody (in Holland?) did a author/title card-index to PL/PG in c.1990. Updates on attributions, etc. included. It came on the market just when libraries decided to stop using cards!!!

  2. I don’t seem to be able to access the Cavallera volume. Would anyone care to grab it and let me have a copy? (It’s PD in the US, I see).

    Rick, that was indeed a lot of work, I see. Hmmm…

  3. Hi Roger,

    You might contact Jimmy Adair at the Religion and Technology Center (see He licenses page scans of PG to various libraries; to do so he created extremely detailed tables of contents for each volume of PG. He might be willing to share the TOCs with you.

  4. @Bob: Thanks! I actually have a copy of Jimmy’s version of the PG.

    @HOV: Now that’s an interesting thought! Thank you — those look good, they’re just in a format where you can’t really use them.

  5. Roger, one other possibility — a slim volume which I have sitting on my desk but can’t find on — is:

    “A Complete List of the Names of the Authors whose works are printed in the Greek Series of Migne’s Patrologia” compiled by J.B. Pearson, D.D. Published Cambridge, 1882.

    It lists author, place (of composition?), an estimated date, and vols containing works of the author. It is sorted alphabetically by author. It’s gotta be under 20 pages. I’ll see if I can find someone here to scan it, and try to get the images your way.

  6. This link has Cavallera
    3rd tab from right on Arabic homepage;
    select English;
    scroll down to PG Inndices.

  7. Got your email, Roger. A caveat to Rick (above) re Pearson: check
    date. It was published in 1882, but Gregg did a reprint in 1960+ish.
    (There might be a copyright issue…)

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