Dumbarton Oaks Syriac resources now online

An interesting email:

I write to announce the publication of a new online resource at Dumbarton Oaks aimed at the community of Syriac studies. We have assembled numerous freely available, digitized texts — most notably tried-and-true scholarly instrumenta — and organized them into an annotated bibliography that covers several categories (lexica, grammars, histories of Syriac literature, etc.). We have pitched the site at Syriac students who may not know that they need these resources yet, but will be glad to see them all in one place when they do!

This new resource can be found at


You can read more about our goals on the Introduction page. We hope that this site will be of value to the Syriac community, especially those who do not have access to print copies of these (often rare) resources. We will continue to refine and enlarge these pages, and add new ones as well. Of course, we welcome helpful suggestions, comments, and corrections from the scholarly community.

As a caveat, we understand that some of the Google Books links may be useless to those outside of the US because of Google’s decisions regarding copyright law in various countries. Where available, we have tried to link resources on other reputable sites that do not have international restrictions (such as archive.org). We will continue to try to move our links to such sites in the future.


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