JSTOR access for Oxford University alumni

I see that Oxford University has arranged to provide JSTOR access to its graduates, those who have left college and are sat in offices, vaguely longing to read another paper on Cicero.

In this case you go to the alumni office website, obtain the card number for an alumni card (they email you after a week or so), then register an account on the website (a couple more weeks), and, when that is validated, you can register for JSTOR.

This is a good thing.  All universities should do this.


5 thoughts on “JSTOR access for Oxford University alumni

  1. I attend California State University Sacramento and every student, all 30,000 of them or so, has JSTOR access.

  2. Access to JSTOR is usual for students. It is the provision to ex-students that is so welcome. I don’t suppose, in truth, that many will take up the offer. The cost of making it available is probably trivial. But what a difference it makes to those who do!

  3. This blog has been blocked by “WebMarshall”

    …a Web access control and monitoring application that enables businesses to establish and enforce Web usage policy. WebMarshal eliminates unproductive browsing by directing users to approved sites, while blocking offensive and unproductive sites.

    I read this blog primarily at work. Monday of this week “Web Marshall” blocked this site, I reloaded the screen 100 times so they’d see my irritation on their daily report and finally had to justify your relevance to one of our computer geeks, with my threat to go much higher in the company org chart.

    Now, if I can just them to open JSTOR for me (I’m in the auction biz)

    Glad to be back!

  4. Thanks for the note! I have written to Trustwave, who make Webmarshal, asking them to fix this. But these filters are often very broad-brush. I have noticed a distressing tendency for them to mark some right-of-centre political sites (such as http://www.fivefeetoffury.com) as “adult”.

    We may thank the spammers and porn-peddlers for making such filters necessary, and for causing all of us to submit to censorship.

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