Eusebius book update

The Eusebius: Gospel Problems and Solutions book is still selling copies, which is pleasing.  I put so much of myself into producing that book, and of course there was never any certainty of sales.

This evening I received the monthly statements from Lightning Source (US and UK), which tells me how many copies were sold via Amazon.  Rather chuffed to find that during July 3 copies sold in the US, and another 3 in the UK.  All of them were paperbacks.  6 copies at this stage … wow! Thank you, whoever you are!

Sales earlier in the year had dropped to pretty much nothing, so this is a surprise.  But then I have no idea what influences sales on Amazon.

In fact a total of 24 copies have sold in the US this year (6 hardbacks, 18 paperbacks), and 17 copies in the UK (all paperbacks).   I haven’t previously had a breakdown of what format sold, so this too is useful.

The book still has not broken even, but we’re doing much better than I had feared!  I need to sit down and work out total sales at some point, and find out exactly where we are.


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