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Mostly writing emails, mainly to Syriac scholars.  I’m trying to get someone to translate the Life of Mar Aba.  I’d like to get some more of Ephraim’s Hymns against Heresies into English.  And there are probably other Syriac texts that could usefully appear online in English as well.


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  1. 1. A reprint company has hardcopy versions of BarEbroyo’s “Dove” and R. Payne Smith’s “Compendious Syriac Dictionary”. This company usually concentrates on American Civil War but they’re starting to branch out. Prices for the lay scholar.

    2. More pertinent to your post- It would be nice to see a complete translation of BarEbroyo’s “Ethikon”. Also welcome, *any* syriac work with syriac script / english translation on facing pages.

  2. There is a translation of Ephrem’s hymns by Kathleen McVey, published by Paulist Press (New York) in 1989. Not sure if you’ve seen it, but it may contain the hymns you’re looking for?

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