Life of Mar Aba – chapter 2

The story continues:

2.  When the blessed one sat in the boat to go across, the student also got in, to go across with him.  Then the saint saw his dress (σχῆμα), took him for a Son of the Covenant, beat him, and took the bag that he had with him and threw it ashore, and forced him to get out.  The student said nothing in reply, but got out and sat on the bank of the Tigris.  But once the blessed one and his companions had set out and had moved away a little distance from the shore, by the grace of God a violent wind blew against them; the Tigris became stormy like a zealous servant and its waves rose up against them, and it roared against the blessed one, because he had fought against the disciple of Christ and mocked him and prevented him from crossing.  Fear came over him, and he ordered the boat to return to the shore.  After he landed, the wind ceased and there was a great calm.  Then he got into the boat again, and the student also got in with him, and sat  down with him in the boat, and again the blessed one rose against him and forced him to go ashore.  And when they had gone a little way, the wind awoke again against this pagan audacity, that he did not recognised the Creator of All, and he was even more disturbed than before.  And again the blessed one and his companions returned to the shore and got out.  But the excellent student was sitting on the bank of the Tigris.


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