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I’ve been thinking again about how a reliable Mithras site might look. 

One of the problems has been layout.  I’ve had great difficulty finding a format for the top-level page that worked for me.  But I had something of a breakthrough last night, when I started working from the Tertullian Project home page as a basis.  I was also able to find online a quality but usable photograph of a tauroctony which, I felt, was suitable to go at the top of the page.

The structure of the Tertullian Project, into various smaller and separate pages, would also work for the Mithras material.

It needs to be done.  At present there is no reliable source for information on Mithras online.  The Wikipedia article has been carefully poisoned, and has deteriorated further since.  So something must be done.

It is a great pity that Vermaseren’s collection of reliefs and inscriptions is not online.  But if I do a proper page, possibly I might be able to get permission from Brill to host a copy?  It’s worth considering, at any rate.


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  1. Yes, please do it.

    There are no reliable sites on Mithras. It woulld be great to have something serious.

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