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I’ve beaten the new PC into submission, and I am now engaged in the gruesome task of copying files and installing software.

Meanwhile, a thought has occurred to me.  How do I find out if someone in Germany was a member of the Nazi party?

Yes, alright, humour me.  But seriously … there ought to be membership lists.  And shouldn’t these be on the web somewhere?   It seems like a reasonable subject for historical enquiry.

Can’t find anything, all the same.


2 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Contact the Simon Weisenthal organization.
    Most of their info will now only be of historical interest since most living Nazis from Hitler period were Hitler Jugend or Werewolves. The men with power are all dead of old age.
    What is of interest is which German academics were party members, and to what extent was their work taintd by their association with the Nazi party.

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