The Halkin “Life of Constantine” is now online in English

The 9th century Saint’s life of Constantine the Great, known after its discoverer as the Halkin ‘Life’, was translated into English by Mark Vermes, but never published.  The translator has kindly sent me a copy, and given permission for it to appear online.  Today I did the deed, and the translation is now here.

The work is entirely fictional, of course.  It derives in a very large part from an earlier work by Alexander the Monk, who himself made use of earlier sources.  Such “history” as it contains is very shaky indeed, and derives from common Byzantine sources.

Neverthless it is good to have it accessible on the web.  Thank you, Dr Vermes.

UPDATE (29th August 2012): I find that there is a copyright issue.  This evening I came across an email a year old, from Dr. Samuel Lieu, stating that he owns the translation, that his grant paid for the production of the work, and that he hopes to get it published formally (although he can’t find his own copy; I must send him one) and so would be reluctant to have it circulate electronically.  This is all understandable, and, while the matter is resolved, I have removed it from the web.


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  1. Glad to help. But of course the man to thank is Mark Vermes, for translating it in the first place and then generously allowing it to appear on the web (and to Sam Lieu, his supervisor, for also giving his permission).

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