From my diary

I have continued looking at the tables of contents in the Patrologia Graeca list on this site, originally compiled by Rod Letchford for the now defunct Cyprian Project, and adding notes about their contents to the list.

Today I finally reached volume 161 and last.  It has been a mighty effort, just to click on 161 links and scroll down.  But I hope the results are useful.

More work could usefully be done.  I ought to go through the list again and harmonise the style.  But … not just at the moment!


2 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Appreciate the encouragement – thank you. I just got tired of not knowing where Origen was, and things like that. It’s been very rewarding, tho, in identifying interesting-sounding texts whose existence was unknown to me. The stuff on the fall of Constantinople in 1204 may well have good stuff about ancient things in it, for instance.

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