Google being evil: removing close minimize restore button from IE9 but not from Chrome?

I’ve just come across something that looks weird.  When I open Google mail in IE9, and hit Alt+Space to minimize it, I find that the menu bar has been interfered with, and the close, minimize and restore options are not there.  Do the same on any other site and it’s fine.  Do the same in Chrome, on Google mail, and it’s fine.

I can only suppose that Google’s developers, knowing that busy people use keyboard shortcuts, have decided deliberately to harass Internet Explorer users by disabling it, to try to force them to use Chrome.  Nasty.

There’s probably some way you can override this, but a Google search brought up nothing.

Does this just happen to me?

UPDATE: I find that if you right click in the top left hand corner and select “Menu bar”, check that it is ticked, and restart IE, it then works fine.  The downside is that you lose a bit of real estate by having the File | Edit |View etc bar visible all the time.


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