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A little more struggling with the PHP scripts for the new Mithras site, and they seem to actually work on the website now, in the version in my development area.  I haven’t written any content yet, tho: no point until saving works properly!

I’ve got a dose of gastric flu, however, so that is slowing me down perceptibly.  I think that I shall just go and sleep this afternoon.  Which is what I did yesterday.

Something I saw in a magazine today:

Time is the only true currency.

Which is horribly true.  I’m about to sign up for a job for six months during which time I will be too tired to do much else.  It’s getting worse too.  Employers increasingly demand that I work 8 hours a day when they used to demand 7.5, without — of course — offering more money.  Many demand “unpaid overtime”, which seems to me no different from stealing.    Not that I can work at my profession for 8 hours straight … I’m pretty much done after about 6.

I suppose this is why people “downshift”.  They’re just trying to get back their lives.  But how many of us can afford to?

Mind you, I’m better off than many.  At least I can take a couple of months off, if I want to.  Most people cannot.

Perhaps I should think about taking a gap year.


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