Mithraeum in Rome under Baths of Caracala reopens

Mike Aquilina of Way of the Fathers draws my attention to this piece:

Few people have ever visited the long network of underground tunnels under the public baths of Caracalla, which date back to the third century AD and are considered by many archaeologists to be the grandest public baths in Rome. This underground network, which is due to be reopened in December, is also home to a separate structure, the largest Mithraeum in the Roman Empire, according to its director Marina Piranomonte.

The Mithraeum was discovered a century ago and was almost entirely devoid of decoration. Only a small and poorly conserved fresco of Mithra remained, …

Ignore the statement about a “fossa sanguinus”, tho.

I’d love to see it.  I must go to Rome again.


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