New contexts for old texts: but no public please

Via Paleojudaica I learn of a workshop, taking place in Oslo, which sounds rather interesting:


Textual Transmission and Manuscript Culture: Textual Fluidity, “New Philology,” and the Nag Hammadi (and Related) Codices

This is the first major international workshop of the NEWCONT-project.Starting tomorrow. Pseudepigrapha and Hermetica figure in the program as well.

Background on Project NEWCONT is here.

But to my surprise, it says that attendance is “by invitation only”.  I wonder why?

The project page is here.  The whole project seems eminently sound.

2 thoughts on “New contexts for old texts: but no public please

  1. Because Gnostic texts attract crazed maniacs and trolls?

    And in Oslo, “trolls” could have a much more lethal meaning…. 🙂

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