Update on the Rollston saga

I learn from Paleojudaica that epigraphist Christopher Rollston has resigned from his post at Emmanuel Christian Seminary.  In this he has acted quite properly; the views he espoused cannot be compatible with the post he held.

Instead he has accepted a post at George Washington University.  When I opened the website for this institution, I was confronted with a large picture of a demonstration (poster: “four more years” and an Obama campaign logo) and the text, “At GW, politics is not a spectator sport”.  I fear that it must be very politically correct, and pretty intolerant of any deviation from orthodoxy. But of course everyone must earn a living, and GWU has done rightly to offer him a post.

Let us wish Dr Rollston all the best at what must be a more congenial, if less tolerant, location.  In particular he states:

During my time at George Washington University, I will also be completing my monograph (tentatively) entitled “Forging History: A History of Epigraphic Forgeries from Antiquity to the Modern Period,” …

Such a work should be of wide interest!


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