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Just busy working on the Roman cult of Mithras pages.  Adding comments using Discus is easy.  Adding “like” buttons for Facebook or Google+, etc, is much harder than you might think!

I spent a little time today on Picasa, the online photo sharing site.  I searched for “Mithras” and added a comment with the CIMRM number to a few of the photos.  That way they will come up if people start using the CIMRM.

I realise that I need to learn more about how scholars interact with monuments.  What is the “bull. ep.”?  What is AE, where a monument gets an AE number.  So much to do.

And on Monday I have to go back to work, and will be, once again, reduced to doing dribs and drabs of useful work online in spare moments in the evenings.  It is remarkable how much more progress I have made with the Mithras site in a week, than in nearly a year before that.


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  1. Yeah, I wanted to add ‘Like’ buttons (at least for FB) for my site – gave up as it looked like it would have meant an entire reprogram for each page. I think I’ll stick to simple HTML…. Kudos to you, thought, Roger, for managing it! 🙂

  2. No, I couldn’t do FB either.

    But Discus, which adds a comment facility to the bottom of each page, was pretty simple. Even for an ordinary HTML site like mine.

  3. Some of Bulletin épigraphique is available online. It appeared as part of Revue des Études Grecques (REG)( Some of REG is available, and where it is, so is Bulletin épigraphique. See, for example,

    Kudos on your new Mithras web site. It’s a model of its kind, if I can judge from the few pages I’ve looked at so far.

  4. Ah, thanks – I just haven’t had time to follow up.

    Thank you also for your words about the Mithras site. It needs *so* much work, but it can be done over time, a little here and a little there. I’m working mainly on the monuments at the moment, as well as fixing bugs in the scripts when I spot them. The monuments are the hardest thing for people to master.

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