JSTOR: Now includes books, and more free stuff than before

A correspondent advises me to go to JSTOR; that “something is happening”.  So I do.  And … the website has changed.  A big heading … “A new chapter begins: search journals, primary sources and now books on JSTOR”.  Hmm.  How does that work?

There’s also better access to materials for those unfortunates who are not in full-time education.  You can’t download PDF’s, mind.  But you can read at least some articles for free online if you register.  I’m not sure how this works, as I now get full access via Oxford University’s alumnus programme.

All very welcome, all the same!


6 thoughts on “JSTOR: Now includes books, and more free stuff than before

  1. It seems that you cannot download entire books as one PDF but you can download books in their entirety in multiple PDFs. Chapter one is its own PDF, chapter two is its own PDF, etc.

  2. If only they would now implement a pricing scheme for regular people. Like I really want to go all the way to the library just to look things up on the Internet. Why are these guys still living in the ’80s?

  3. Explored it further and it seems that one can only download books that your respective institution has purchased.

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