From my diary

I spent some time yesterday hunting for volume 4 of Archaeologia Aeliana, published in 1846.  This may contain an account of the discovery of the Rudchester Mithraeum, and so I wanted to read it.

Sadly Google Books is really bad at handling series. generally is better, but I couldn’t find that specific volume.  Rather frustrating, that.

On a more positive note, I found that the Journal of Roman Studies is in JSTOR.  These days that means that I can access it!

UPDATE:  It seems that Rudchester was known as “Rutchester” in the 19th century – all these places along Hadrian’s Wall are little more than farms — and a search for “Rutchester Mithras” in Google Books took me straight to … Archaeologia Aeliana volume 4!  I enclose the link for other frustrated searchers.  Come on, Google; why not help us here?


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