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I’ve never actually owned a printed copy of Manfred Clauss’ The Roman cult of Mithras, which is the standard introduction to the subject.  I’ve made photocopies of bits of it.  Latterly I found online somewhere a PDF of the whole thing.  But I’ve never had a copy.

Well, last week I cracked and bought one.  It arrived today, and I have started to read it.  It is, really, truly, super.  In fact you get far more from it in printed form, than in PDF.  Just skipping through the pages looking for tidbits is not nearly the same.  So … I am enjoying it.  Even if the publisher printed the cover photograph back to front!

A couple of ILL’s have arrived at the library, including one on the Mithraeum at Dieburg and one on marginalia in Greek papyri.  I shall have some nice things to read next week!

I’ve been quite ill for the last month, and I only went back to work last week.  I was still quite shaky, and went back very hesitantly and carefully, and only because I don’t get paid sitting at home.  I just about survived, but had to leave my laptop at home and rest every evening.  Expect light blogging until I get rather better.


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