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I’m afraid the sickliness of the current season has interfered quite a bit with my ability to do anything other than work and sneeze!

But I still have several projects going forward.  Eusebius’ Commentary on Luke is progressing – a third chunk arrived this week and I reviewed it yesterday.  Likewise the translation of a homily by Severian of Gabala is in progress.  I need to chase up the translation of another chunk of John the Lydian, tho, which should also be in-flight.

I have obtained a rather interesting dissertation via a correspondent.  This is an MA thesis by Kevin R. Cole, Ritual and belief in the mysteries of Mithras.[1]  It contains a discussion of some of the literary passages.  This includes one by Tertullian, from De praescriptione haereticorum.  Yet I recall that a paper casting doubt on the word “Mithras” in that exists.  It is infuriating not to be able to locate it!

  1. [1]Boise State University, 1998.

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