Jerome’s Commentary on Jonah – online in English

I discovered today that there is online a thesis containing an English translation of Jerome’s Commentary on Jonah.  It was made by Timothy Michael Hegedus in 1991.  It’s here.  I am OCR’ing the PDF as I write!

I learned about this via AWOL.  There is a website Open Access Theses and Dissertations.  This is a portal to other online sites of dissertations.  A query on “Eusebius” quickly brought up the item.



5 thoughts on “Jerome’s Commentary on Jonah – online in English

  1. Have you been able to find a latin version of his commentary? I’m trying to check Hegedus’ translation to see how good it is, but I’m having trouble locating a latin manuscript. Thanks

  2. The current critical Latin text of Jerome’s “Commentarius in Ionam prophetam” is that in the Sources Chretiennes, “Commentaire sur Jonas”, SC 323 (Paris, 1985) by Y.-M.Duval, with facing French translation. (Siegfried Risse has produced a German translation, reviewed here.)

    A much older pre-critical text can be found in the Patrologia Latina, volume 25. The relevant portion of this is here, at this PDF. I believe there are online manuscript copies also, if you google for the Latin title.

    I hope that helps!

    Roger Pearse

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