Jerome’s Commentary on Jonah – online in English

I discovered today that there is online a thesis containing an English translation of Jerome’s Commentary on Jonah.  It was made by Timothy Michael Hegedus in 1991.  It’s here.  I am OCR’ing the PDF as I write!

I learned about this via AWOL.  There is a website Open Access Theses and Dissertations.  This is a portal to other online sites of dissertations.  A query on “Eusebius” quickly brought up the item.



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  1. Have you been able to find a latin version of his commentary? I’m trying to check Hegedus’ translation to see how good it is, but I’m having trouble locating a latin manuscript. Thanks

  2. The current critical Latin text of Jerome’s “Commentarius in Ionam prophetam” is that in the Sources Chretiennes, “Commentaire sur Jonas”, SC 323 (Paris, 1985) by Y.-M.Duval, with facing French translation. (Siegfried Risse has produced a German translation, reviewed here.)

    A much older pre-critical text can be found in the Patrologia Latina, volume 25. The relevant portion of this is here, at this PDF. I believe there are online manuscript copies also, if you google for the Latin title.

    I hope that helps!

    Roger Pearse

  3. There is an English translation of Jerome’s commentary on Jonah here:

    (Though I do not know what it is sourced from, nor its copyright status)

    Migne’s Latin text on the same in a decent OCR’ed format is available here:;query=;subDocument=PL.025.html.xml.00000065;brand=default

    As a side note, I’ve recently been running Migne’s public domain Latin texts of Jerome’s commentaries through ChatGPT to translate (with some editing thereafter). I’ve been quite pleased with the readability of the results, it reads far easier than Google translate.

    Here’s a few of those recent projects (on Ephesians, Philemon, and Titus):

    I know this is an old post, but I figure you’ll still see it Roger – I know you’ve played around with Google Translate in the past for translating texts not in the public domain yet in English, have you had an opportunity to try out ChatGPT for that purpose?

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