Disabling IE10 auto-complete spam

I upgraded to IE10 recently, but have been driven crazy by one ‘feature’.  When I type in the address box a few letters of one of my regular sites, it shows me a whole list of url’s which I have never visited and in which I have no interest.  This infuriating trick must be commercially driven — “pay to join our spam list!” — and will drive a lot of people to Chrome.

Anyway it did it once too often today.  I’ve found a link that tells you how to turn it off.  Basically it’s Tools | Internet Options | Content | Auto-complete, and turn off “suggestions”.

I thought I’d add this, as it is such a nuisance.

It’s things like this that remind us how little power we have.  Still, ’twas ever thus.  The desire for money is the root of all sorts of trouble.  As has been said before.


2 thoughts on “Disabling IE10 auto-complete spam

  1. You still use IE? Tell me you have to because you’re using a Microsoft Tablet. 🙁

  2. Generally speaking Internet Explorer is the least secure of the modern web browsers. Unless you require it for something specific I suggesting switching to Firefox or Chrome. Both are more secure than IE and both with function more smoothly.

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