From my diary

A very hot day here.  I have been converting an out-of-copyright Loeb into PDF format.  The book is old and worn, and the binding is loose with much use.  Yes, it is a library copy.

Yet somehow such old volumes have a charm of their own.  I did look to see if I might purchase one online, but only new copies are accessible.  New Loeb’s have a harshness about them.  One of my favourite Loebs is an old Juvenal, bought in Minehead in the west country for practically nothing.  It is long since superseded, in the eyes of librarians, but the softer prose of a century ago makes it far more agreeable than the harsh shouting of the modern translations I have elsewhere on my shelves.

Perhaps I shall recline, Roman-like, on my sofa later and read into that old Loeb.  Possibly with strawberries and cream.


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