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I have continued to work on Bianca-Jeanette Schröder’s book.  This evening I have finished translating the conclusion to the second part.  From it I conclude that that section is, I think, something I really will need to read in detail.  Tomorrow I shall begin on the conclusion to the third part.

I wonder if there is merit in placing these rough translations here?  German is so difficult for so many people that perhaps it would be of value.  The extracts are sufficiently small that I do not foresee a copyright problem (and if anyone cares, I could, of course, remove them).


6 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. What’s the latest with the Life of Mar Aba translation? You had stopped at chapter 36 (how many are there?), and said that someone has contacted you about translating it directly.


  2. I think there are 46. The idea of a translation seems to have gone away, but I haven’t got back to it. I probably will, but I’m otherwise engaged at the moment. Why do you ask?

  3. I just enjoyed what you had done so far, that’s all. For what’s it’s worth, there’s at least one person (me) who’d love to see the other 10 chapters some time.

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