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Is it just me, or is everyone frenetically busy right now?  For myself, it’s ridiculous; every day seems to bring an interesting or important email (or three) that I simply must deal with.  Often the issue is something well worth blogging about as well.   So suddenly I find myself snowed under.

This week the new book — Origen’s Homilies on Ezekiel, plus fragments — is bing typeset.  It’s nearly all set up in Adobe Indesign, and looking very good.  I suspect that by the weekend it will be complete.  I shall then have to set up a project in and print a proof copy, to check the PDF and see how it looks in bound form.  I shall also have to get the cover design done.  “Something more green than blue” is as far as I have got.  Then I can get it set up at Lightning Source and formally published.

I don’t know that the book will sell all that many copies.  But of course the object is to get it online.  So whatever sales it makes will help to defray the costs, and whatever loss it makes is one that I can cope with.  Sometime in 2014 I think it will go online.

UPDATE: One slightly embarassing probem with the project has been my own inability to spell “Ezekiel”.  I have often given it as “Ezechiel”, influenced by the French translation of Borret, and the Latin Selecta in Ezechielem.  Today I went through old posts and fixed all that I could find.  It is horrifying to discover that this project was in full flight in … 2009!!!  I was much younger then, or at least I felt so.  Those posts make clear that I never expected this to last more than 4 years!


4 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. Let me (sc. us) know when the Homilies can be purchased.

    Gr. ago.


  2. Yes, a most frenetic pace. I am just now reading your posts from the last two weeks. December is so busy every year, and seemingly more so with age. 60 is still before me, but not far away.

    I, too, am looking forward to this book.

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