Some Chrysostom, ps.Chrysostom, ps.Athanasius in translation at

I’ve just discovered a group of English translations available online here.  All of them are of previously untranslated texts.   Most excitingly (for me), the translator has started on Chrysostom’s letters.

The translations are a work in progress; but very welcome!



6 thoughts on “Some Chrysostom, ps.Chrysostom, ps.Athanasius in translation at

  1. Thanks for the plug Roger. I have 2 x Ps Athanasius and some more Ps-Chrys and Chrys to come in the following days. And we continue…

  2. Did you notice when you try to download and you have to login with your Google account that their app wants to “Manage your contacts” — what does that mean? They get to add and delete contacts on my account?

  3. j: does go crazy from time to time – it went nuts when I posted the Chrysostom letter this morning. If you want something off my page, email me and I will send you a pdf.

  4. I wouldn’t agree to that! What it means is that they want to plunder your contacts and sell them.

    This is one of the things that infuriates me about Android handsets. Every application, however minor, demands access to things it has no need whatever for; my phone number, a list of all the calls I have made, etc. It should be illegal to force people to disclose all this info.

    Still, the real problem, which the establishment is dealing with urgently, is that someone in the middle of a crowd of 100,000 might say “Yid”, or say it on twitter.

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