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I’ve managed to read Diez’ article on al-Makin ibn Amid, the largely unpublished 13th century Arabic Christian historian.  It’s a cracker!  It is, indeed, the new entrance-point to all the literature on the subject.  It also – ahem – mentions this blog.

I’ll post some more about this in due course.  But I did start thinking … surely the first thing to do is to get a text of al-Makin into electronic form and get it on the web?  I wonder how this might be done, at a reasonable price?

I wish I could think of a way to get hold of the edition printed in Cairo a few years ago!

UPDATE: I have just spent an hour trying to locate copies — some may be found in the UK in by searching on the editor, Ali Bakr Hassan — and placing an ILL when I suddenly remembered, rather embarassingly … that I have met Dr Hassan, at Oxford some years ago, when he was so kind as to give me a copy of it.  A little searching and I have it in my hand.  I must be getting old or daft.  I have a vague memory — you can tell how good my memory is right now! —  that his edition only covers part of the work, however.


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