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I’ve mentioned this before, but “Inepti Graeculi”, who occasionally comments here, has been working away at translating the letters of John Chrysostom and posting draft translations at here.  An index of those letters translated is here.

There are some 240 letters, nearly all from Chrysostom’s second exile, from which he did not return.  Remarkably only a handful have ever been translated.

So far IG has completed and posted drafts of 30 of the letters, which is more than have ever been done before.  The project is attracting interest (naturally) from Chrysostom scholars.

The project is nothing to do with me, but I deeply approve.  This is the first time that I have seen used in this way, as a way to get draft versions online for comment and to start a “virtuous circle” of involvement and interest.  It seems to work well if used that way!


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  1. Thanks for the mention Roger. I welcome (and gratefully acknowledge) any comments and corrections from your readers as well.

  2. Yes, quite a few Biblical scholars are putting drafts up on I myself have posted some conference papers I am unlikely to publish in their current form.

    I like this development, sort of like for math and physics and SSRN for social science research. Linguists have a ling buzz website where preprints and reprints can be uploaded.

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