Help! How can I get hold of this?

Time for a public appeal!  I’m trying to get hold of an exhibition catalogue, for an exhibition held at the town hall in Viterbo on 21 June 1997-10th January 1998, title: Il Mitreo di Vulci : Montalto di Castro, Palazzo del Comune, 21 giugno 1997-10 gennaio 1998, which is 43 p. and was written by a certain A.M. Sgubini Moretti (although the name may not be obvious, I think).

Copies exist in various Italian libraries: in Florence, in what might be Rome, and so on – a Google search on the title will bring up some OPACs.

But how on earth can I get hold of a copy?  And especially the colour illustrations?

Suggestions, however off the wall, very welcome!

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  1. Here’s her C.V.

    Anna Maria Sgubini Moretti in Mysteria Mithrae, 259-276 for the Mithraeum at Vulci (no more on this)

    Mysteria Mithrae described here:

    You might like this paper on a different mithraeum found in Etruria:

  2. A bit naughty, but I sometimes use screen capture (ctrl + print screen) and paste into a ‘paint’ document as a jpeg with some on-line material sections where I don’t want the inconvenience of trawling university libraries or the British Library – and I only need a few pages of a reference text. But of course the difficulty you have is finding the relevant page in the first place.



  3. Roger, the Assessore (Assessoressa if a woman) alla Cultura of the comune of Montalto di Castro should have a file. Their website, easy to find: • Their e‑mail address, less so: Whether they’ll answer their e‑mail is another matter, Italian comuni rarely answer, even when written courteously and in Italian: the blame often lies in the way the servers are managed, with a commercial website developer/manager running the show and often finding it simpler to trash incoming e‑mail!

  4. Thank you very much for this suggestion – I had not thought of this.

    A few years ago Italian libraries never responded to emails. I suspect that a trip out there is the only way. Which might not be a bad thing, of itself!

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