Happy Easter

Christ died.  Everyone dies.  But Christ is risen, to show that we too can rise.

If we sign up with Christ, then we find that our lives have some point, and some prospect in the future.  May I recommend this to all my readers this Easter.

Happy Easter to you all.


12 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Off-topic, they’ve got a list of papers up for the patristics conference in September in Oxford. It seems to focus a fair amount on practical, personal Christian application of patristics, although maybe I’m just projecting that? Anyway, a lot of the papers look interesting.

  2. Beatus’ source Victorinus is featured in a paper about Biblical recapping. It is memorably titled, “Doctor Who in the New Jerusalem: Time travel, Incarnation and Recapitulation in Victorinus of Poetovio’s In Apocalypsin.”

    The author is from Cardiff, so I think he should be excused. But man, that’s so geeky he makes me seem normal. 🙂

  3. I’m booked on that, but I haven’t seen the list of papers. I wonder if it’s been sent out.

    The papers may well be very good: they were at the last ones I attended. But they are slightly longer than those at the Oxford Patristics Conference, and the better for it.

    It is a secular conference, tho.

  4. I was just looking at the website under the 2014 “Programme,” Abstracts A-whatever. They’re still calling for abstracts, though, so I guess it’s subject to additions.

    I also think it’s weird that whoever put it together hasn’t realized that the Russian paper about linguistics in the Fathers did his name Russian-style, with his last name first. They alphabetized it by his first name instead of his last name, unless he’s got a very atypical Russian first name.

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