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  1. Off-topic, they’ve got a list of papers up for the patristics conference in September in Oxford. It seems to focus a fair amount on practical, personal Christian application of patristics, although maybe I’m just projecting that? Anyway, a lot of the papers look interesting.

  2. Beatus’ source Victorinus is featured in a paper about Biblical recapping. It is memorably titled, “Doctor Who in the New Jerusalem: Time travel, Incarnation and Recapitulation in Victorinus of Poetovio’s In Apocalypsin.”

    The author is from Cardiff, so I think he should be excused. But man, that’s so geeky he makes me seem normal. 🙂

  3. I’m booked on that, but I haven’t seen the list of papers. I wonder if it’s been sent out.

    The papers may well be very good: they were at the last ones I attended. But they are slightly longer than those at the Oxford Patristics Conference, and the better for it.

    It is a secular conference, tho.

  4. I was just looking at the website under the 2014 “Programme,” Abstracts A-whatever. They’re still calling for abstracts, though, so I guess it’s subject to additions.

    I also think it’s weird that whoever put it together hasn’t realized that the Russian paper about linguistics in the Fathers did his name Russian-style, with his last name first. They alphabetized it by his first name instead of his last name, unless he’s got a very atypical Russian first name.

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