Origen of Alexandria on Ezekiel has arrived!

The paperback proof of the new book has arrived!  Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical works on Ezekiel, translated by Mischa Hooker, has hit my doormat with a mighty thump in its paperback incarnation:

Origen on Ezekiel, tr. Mischa Hooker
Origen on Ezekiel, tr. Mischa Hooker

So far, so good.  I can’t see any obvious problems with it, which means that we can go to print and (I hope) sell some copies.

It’s a long time since I started this project.  The objective is to get the homilies online and freely accessible.  To do this, I commissioned a translation of the homilies on Ezekiel, including the Greek fragments, with parallel original language.  At the time no translation existed, and it has taken years to get here.  And a translation has appeared since (although it is not as comprehensive as ours).  But the idea was always to sell some copies in printed form, and then place the book online.  That is still the aim.

I can’t quite make the book available as yet; I need to check that the hardback is also correctly printed.  But we’re probably only a few days away.  It will, of course, take a little while to trickle through the Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Origen of Alexandria on Ezekiel has arrived!

  1. Sounds and looks like a heavy delivery 😉

    And sleepless nights ahead taking care everything is in order 🙂

  2. Luckily not: an unbound proof was ordered much earlier – indeed twice, with different corrections – so all we are checking is that the final print is in the right place, cover OK, etc.

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