Severian of Gabala – bibliography (updated)

I uploaded a list of the works of Severian of Gabala here.  I’ve worked on it a bit more since, and revised versions are now available:

  • Severian of Gabala – works (PDF)
  • Severian of Gabala – works (DOCX)

I don’t seem to have done anything on these for a week, so best to park them here!

UPDATE: Newer version here.


7 thoughts on “Severian of Gabala – bibliography (updated)

  1. Beware. As several homilies related to Chrysostom’s exile, they might have been concocted by the “Johnites” (his followers), rather than being the actual text.
    Ancient conventions applied: it was ok to “reconstruct” a lost (or not existent) speech for artistical and/or propaganda purposes, provided the contents were sensible (not necessarily accurate in detail).
    De pace has an additional problem: the extant Latin version is notably shorter than the Greek. No explanation is at hand for the discrepancy.

  2. I suppose it is possible. But nothing in De Pace is uncomplimentary to Severian. (You’ve seen the translation that Bryson Sewell has made here?)

    As I understand it, the Latin version is part of a collection of homilies by the Greek fathers circulating in the west. The De Severiano Recipiendo is very short too – that can’t be a full-length sermon, surely? I wonder how long are the versions of genuine Chrysostom sermons in that collection?

    Pardon my ignorance – it is hard for amateurs like myself to access the scholarship.

  3. All the Latin manuscripts of De pace have the same short (or shortened?) form.

    The so-called 38 Latin homilies collection conveys texts, both authentic and spurious, attributed to John Chrysostom, De pace being the exception.

  4. By the way … I intend to commission more translations into English of works by Severian. Do you have any suggestions of which homilies? Ones not already existing in translation?

  5. About the 38 homilies series: some texts are purely Latin (no Greek original), some probably so. Greek texts are generally entire, Severian’s De pace being the most notable exception.

    About Severian’s homilies: an updated list (mine) is due to appear by Christmas 2014. Then we can plan something.

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