How to download a book at the German Arachne – DAI site

I had trouble with this, so I am going to document it here!  With pictures.  Because it’s about as user-friendly as a cornered rat; but obvious once you know.

Say you want to download a volume of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum?  These are here.  So go to that link.  You get a page like this (you can switch the language to English somewhere on the site, at top right – may as well).

arachne1Click on a volume.

When you get it, there will be a floppy disk icon top right.

When you do, you will get a pop-up:

arachne2IGNORE the “Download” button!!!  All that will give you is some crappy catalogue info.

Instead click on the “Download book as PDF file”.  And … your download will begin.

Be warned: the size of these books is in gigabytes.  Which won’t matter a bit once the internet speeds up a bit, but may make your eyes pop a bit in the mean time!


10 thoughts on “How to download a book at the German Arachne – DAI site

  1. I expect this at those “freeware!” download sites. I’ve gone there for abandonware: 1980s games, for the most part, that I’d bought then (or my parents bought), but that I’d lost along the decades. These sites often have huge flashing “download here” icons that are actually ads for something else; you have to squint for the real thing. I don’t begrudge them. They gotta make their money somehow.

    Somehow I expected better from academia. Perhaps I am naive.

  2. I think we’ve all seen those sites where the “Download here” icon is actually a trap to get you to install some malware or adware. It gets old very fast.

  3. What’s happened with your GCS link? Sends me somewhere I’ve never been before!!

  4. PS: That refers to GCS link down the list – the upper link seems to be unchanged.

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