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The sales figures for the books have come in.  The Eusebius is still selling, although not in great numbers; the Origen has yet to really get underway, although it may do better once the reviews appear.

I’ve continued to work on the Mithras website.  For the most part this is reactive; e.g. somebody posts an image online somewhere that comes to my attention, and I research the monument and create a web page for it.    I haven’t done any more on the Mithraeum of Santa Prisca this week, but I will resume work on this.  One area that I want to include is whatever is known about the early Christian remains in the same area.  I had intended to go across to Cambridge University Library this week and obtain some articles, but this has not been possible, thanks to some of the “stuff that happens while you are making plans to do other things”.

The translation of Severian of Gabala’s De Spiritu Sancto is progressing.  Interestingly it begins by surveying what the bible says about the Holy Spirit, or so I understand.

My attention has otherwise been distracted by some nuisance at home; this too is part of life, although I endure less of it than most people.


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  1. It would seem that the famous British vs. Saxon dragon story in Historia Regum Britanniae and Lludd and Llevelys is inspired by the Mordecai vs. Haman dragon vision and interpretation in the Greek version of the Book of Esther. I’ve read tons of stuff about Arthur, Merlin, etc. and never heard that mentioned.

    Yeah, nobody told me there were dragon dreams in the Greek version. And another good guy dragon. Strange how info can be right there and yet not available unless you actually look into it enough.

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