Vatican Manuscript of the Chronography of 354 uploaded

Another discovery by the excellent J.-B. Piggin is that a crucial manuscript of the Chronography of 354 has been uploaded at the Vatican site.  This is purely illustrations; but then that was always the hard part of this text to get hold of.

In 354 AD a famous artist named Furius Dionysius Philocalus was commissioned to create an illustrated volume of texts for a Roman nobleman named Valentinus.  The original copy is lost, but copies were made during the dark ages.

The texts were mostly connected with time.  Some years ago I created a digital edition online of the work, with whatever pictures I could find.  So it is wonderful to find a manuscript online!  For more information about the manuscripts, there is an article by Richard Burgess here at

The manuscript is  It’s here!

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  1. I am puzzled by the term ‘zinza’ in the Barbarini text for May.

    I’d be grateful for any light which you or your readers could shed on this.

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