Vatican Manuscript of the Chronography of 354 uploaded

Another discovery by the excellent J.-B. Piggin is that a crucial manuscript of the Chronography of 354 has been uploaded at the Vatican site.  This is purely illustrations; but then that was always the hard part of this text to get hold of.

In 354 AD a famous artist named Furius Dionysius Philocalus was commissioned to create an illustrated volume of texts for a Roman nobleman named Valentinus.  The original copy is lost, but copies were made during the dark ages.

The texts were mostly connected with time.  Some years ago I created a digital edition online of the work, with whatever pictures I could find.  So it is wonderful to find a manuscript online!  For more information about the manuscripts, there is an article by Richard Burgess here at

The manuscript is  It’s here!


3 thoughts on “Vatican Manuscript of the Chronography of 354 uploaded

  1. I am puzzled by the term ‘zinza’ in the Barbarini text for May.

    I’d be grateful for any light which you or your readers could shed on this.

  2. It’s given as Zenziarius in my online edition. Obviously an event of some kind. The only ref I could find was this, giving it as the name of the games, the Ludus Maximiatus.

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