Origen’s new homilies on the Psalms – now published!

J.B. Piggin draws my attention to a marvel – a timely scholarly edition!  You may remember how, in 2012, a bunch of unknown homilies on the psalms were found in the Bavarian State Library in Munich?  This itself was a wonderful find: and the Bavarians went further, and put the manuscript online – a process that taught a few eager amateurs that Greek palaeography is hard!

Well today I learn that the text has now been edited!  The new volume of the GCS – Origenes Werke XIII, 2015, edited by Lorenzo Perrone and colleagues, is now apparently available.  The book is 640+ pages!  In the foreword we learn that Dr Perrone felt that the priority was to present the text to the public – and how right he was!

Better yet, Dr P. has uploaded the table of contents and foreword to Academia.edu here.  This means that those of us with little German can use Google Translate to read the foreword.  And, of course, to make a case for our library buying it!!

How utterly impressive to get the thing out there and available, instead of sitting on it for a decade!  I am deeply impressed.  Well done, Dr P.!

I wonder how to get hold of a copy, tho.  Cambridge University Library probably won’t even receive it, on subscription, for a year or two.

The GCS publication page for the item from DeGruyter is here.  The eBook cost is … wait for it … $196!!!!?!?  In fact so is the hardback – not very forgiveable, that.  But even DeGruyter know that we really want eBooks, so both together is a modest (!) $293.

None of us can afford those prices, of course.  What a shame!  It’s a pity that Dr Perrone and his colleagues – who did all the work – couldn’t just make it available for free.  But we’re not at that point yet.


10 thoughts on “Origen’s new homilies on the Psalms – now published!

  1. Now to get it translated. Whoops -that costs money! Guess, I better ask my wife permission to buy the hardcover of Origen on Ezekial to help this translator! Good news, though, when my friend Thomas Scheck is done with his works on Jerome, he plans to translate the works of Chromatius found in a critical editon in the SC.

  2. Ha! Thank you. It’s good that Thomas Scheck is translating all this material. I could wish, tho, that it was available to the world, rather than in these offline limited run publications.

  3. Roger,

    An FYI – Joseph Trigg is doing the English translation. They are having a conference about it at CUA in May.

    Meanwhile, I finally bought your book and have sent it out for rebinding in blue linen with a Chi-Rho symbol on it. I am very pleased with it, and intend to have it next to me, when I read Scheck’s translation of Origen’s Homilies on Ezekial and then his translation of Jerome’s Commentary on Ezekial. Tom made it so that in any reference Jerome makes to Origen’s Commentary on Ezekial they must go get your book!

    Remember when you talked about Cyril of Alexandria’s Glamphyra? In the spring of 2018 CUA FOTC series volume #136 will be Cyril’s Glamphyra on Genesis!

  4. Roger and Holly,

    This fall, as volume 141 of the Fathers of the Church (FOTC) series. Joseph Trigg’s translation of Origen’s lost greek homilies on the Psalms will be published by the Catholic university of America Press. It is tentatively planned to have the translation of the surviving Psalm Homilies in Latin published as FOTC 142 in the spring of 2021.

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