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At least I got Procopius done.  But I really feel he’s too late a writer for me to worry about, in the survey of early Christian writers who wrote about Matt. 27:25.  I don’t know about anybody else, but I am getting a little fed up of this particular story.  Perhaps it’s time to write about something else, even though we are not done yet.

Jonathan Armstrong’s translation of Eusebius’ Commentary on Isaiah arrived today, and interesting it is too.  At various points Eusebius signals where each book of Origen’s lost Commentary ceased.  It’s a reasonable assumption that there’s a relation between the texts, if Eusebius thought that worth doing.  He also refers to his Onomasticon in the work.

I really ought to start thinking about Methodius of Olympus, and getting a handle on the Old Slavic versions of his works again.

And Eutychius is still not done – it would be nice to do more of that.

Always so much to do.  But I think that’s enough for tonight!


2 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. I’m surprised that nobody is paralleling Moses renewing the Covenant by sprinkling blood on Israel. Like Caiaphas unknowingly prophesying that it is expedient for a man to die for the people, obviously for Covenant purposes, the blood on you is exactly what you want.

  2. Good point! I’ve seen mention of Moses … there was some in Procopius today. I just hadn’t paid attention.

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