5 thoughts on “Severian of Gabala, De Sacrificiis Caini (PG 62: 719-722 = CPG 4208) – now online in English

  1. Awesome find! Thank you for sharing. I was very happy to see the parallel Latin, Greek, and English!

  2. The Latin should be used with caution as the editors would often just print an existing Latin translation without matching it to the Greek text – although sometimes they would make some light corrections. Still others have appreciated the Latin too, which is why I include it when it’s not too onerous to transcribe.

  3. I have now translated the full text of De Sacrificiis Caini from Uthemann et al’s preliminary edition (Migne only has a few paragraphs). Still a bit rough in parts, but I hope servicable. I can’t yet put it online as I am getting it checked by an experienced (and published) translator. I also want to also post the Greek and I need to get permission. But if anyone wants a copy email me at inepti.graeculi@gmail.com.

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