Severian of Gabala bibliography – another minor update

I’ve just tweaked my working bibliography of Severian again.  Here are the new files:

These replace the version in the last such post here.

UPDATE (21st July 2015): I have updated the files to include the very useful comments by Sever Voicu in the comments below – thank you.

I have also put out a commission for an English translation of CPG 4197, two short homilies on Genesis.

UPDATE (22 February 2016): A minor tweak.


6 thoughts on “Severian of Gabala bibliography – another minor update

  1. Please: correct / improve
    CPG 4206: authenticity questionable
    CPG 4212: the PG 65 text is a shortened version. Complete text in an Escurial ms. & the Slavonic version.
    CPG 4214: Latin is actually much shorter than Gk
    CPG 4216: Wenger’s text is complete and original; see my art. «L’omelia “In lotionem pedum” (CPG 4216) di Severiano di Gabala: Due note», Le Muséon 107 (1994), pp. 349-365. Gk longer version add from Chrysostom; Georgian longer version interpolates from Chrysostom
    CPG 4217: Arabic hom. 7 is apparently a translation of In Noe et filios eius, de cherubim et in prophetam Oseam (HPC pp. 89-102; CPG 4232). I never said it was spurious.
    CPG 4219: Starb => Staab
    CPG 4260: as is, it is probably spurious (no real connection with the authentic homilies)
    CPG 4271: changed my mind long since (see DSpiritualité). It is authentic and published as HPC pp. 146-153.
    CPG 4272: shown as belonging to Cyr. Jer.; see: M. Aubineau, «Un “sermo acephalus ineditus” – CPG 4272: “Sévérien de Gabala?” – restitué à Cyrille de Jérusalem», Vigiliae Christianae 41 (1987), pp. 285-289.

  2. Pardon my ignorance – what is “HPC”?

    And do you have the shelfmark of the Escurial manuscript with the full text of CPG 4212?

  3. HPC would be Homiliae Pseudo-Chrysostomicae edited by Uthemann, Regtuit,and Tevel.

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