Methodius of Olympus, On the Leech – now online in English

The third of the short works by Methodius of Olympus, On the leech (De sanguisuaga) is now available online, thanks once again to Ralph Cleminson who has translated it from Old Slavonic for us all.  It’s an explanation of a couple of passages from the Old Testament.

Here are the files:

I have also uploaded them to here.

As usual, I make these files and their contents public domain.  Use them in any way you like!


5 thoughts on “Methodius of Olympus, On the Leech – now online in English

  1. That was an interesting little piece. I have to say, though, it’s a bit hard on leeches to say that they lie in wait so that they can get in the throats of people who drink water. Leeches just want to get on your legs and exposed skin, mostly.

    (I guess that’s another reason to use your hands and not to drink straight from a stream… ew….)

  2. Thanks!

    About that part that is identified as a paraphrase from Deuteronomy — could it be, instead, a utilization from the Apocalypse of Abraham?

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