Severian of Gabala conference in November 2016

A call for papers has reached me for a conference in Leuven on Chrysostom and Severian of Gabala, talking about their exegetical strategies.  Lots of good speakers are planned, and I suspect most of it will be in English. One of the main items will be Severian’s commentary on the six days of creation in Genesis, which exists in an English translation these days.  Translations of various homilies have been uploaded at this site also (search for Severian).  It sounds interesting!

The PDF for the conference is here:


4 thoughts on “Severian of Gabala conference in November 2016

  1. Alin, I assume Roger is referring to Commentaries on Genesis 1-3, edited by Michael Glerup, which has Severian’s homilies translated by (the late and great) Robert C Hill and Bede’s homilies translated by Carmen S. Hardin. Published by IVP.

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