From my diary

I’m now on holiday, and starting to feel vaguely normal again.  Our working lives may be a blessing from God, but they do take it out of us!

I’ve been working on the Mithras site, or trying to.  It is remarkable how technology has changed in a couple of years.  The front-end technology that I used for it is now as dated as the ark; because it doesn’t support hand-held phones and the like.  The demand to do so was unknown.

Sadly you can’t leave a development environment alone and expect to just pick it up.  It rots, even if not a single file changes.  Upgrading to Windows 10 probably did not help.  But at the moment I can’t get my site to even run locally!  It is something to do with a horrible perl script at the core of it, which I inherited, and which I have never had the week necessary to rewrite it.  Oh well. Ug!

I must try and spend some time outdoors away from screens of every sort!


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