Acharya S, One year on.

It is Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow is Christmas Day, which by chance falls upon a Sunday, when I do give myself a break from my PC.  So let me now wish all my readers a very merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2016, is also the first anniversary of the death of anti-Christian writer Dorothy Murdock, better known as Acharya S.   She was a venomous controversialist, as many will remember, but I usually felt sorry for her.

Last year I wrote an obituary, as best I could, which is here.  I learn from her executor, Nick Barker, at FreeThoughtNation, that her Facebook page has been locked out, and that her Twitter account has been closed.  So that site is probably the best one for news.  Barker himself has been seriously ill, and unable to post many updates.

It all has a sad look.  She was a maverick in her life; and without her motivating force, what she has left behind looks like leaves wilting on a dead tree.  How important it is for all of us to meet Christ!  Without Him, our lives are vain, and our deaths in vain.  But with Him, we may all hope to meet again.

By coincidence this evening I have been working with her Christ in Egypt.  This is a mighty tome – self-published – running to nearly 600 pages of text.  I don’t need to retain my copy now.  I found it unreadable; and I suspect that few will ever read the work or use it.  Nevertheless I wanted to keep a copy in PDF form, in case I ever needed to refer to it.  So I stripped off the cover and spine, and spent the evening creating a PDF from the pages (for my own use only, I should add; Acharya’s family are poor, and need whatever small sums may be raised from sales of her books).

In the process, I glanced at various pages.  I often gained impetus to write, from her works, even though they were very foolish.  So I may write a couple of posts around the work.

Happy Christmas to you all!


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