New dustjackets for old books!

Via the H.V.Morton blog, named after the South African travel writer, I learn of a novel thing.

How many of us have old hardbacks, bought second-hand, where the dust jackets have long since gone?  The colourful dust jackets of H.V. Morton’s travel books on my shelves are long gone, leaving only a bible-black cloth cover, which is, to say the least, uninviting.

But what if you could buy a new dust-jacket?  A reproduction of the original, with the colours restored?

Well, an enterprising gentleman has set up a website called Reprojackets to do just that.   Here is an example of his work, the original and his colour corrected version:

H.V.Morton, “Middle East” – original dust-jacket faded by time, and then modern colour corrected reproduction.

The range is, perhaps inevitably, a limited one.  The price is high, but then how many will he sell?

A remarkable spot of private enterprise, which can only benefit us all.


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