An aerial shot of the base of the Colossus in 1918

Roma Ieri Oggi has posted a set of aerial photographs of Rome, made in 1918.  They are here.  And they are quite marvellous, and high resolution.

Of special interest to us is one that looks at the Colosseum area:

Note the area where today runs the Via del foro imperiali – mainly farmland on the Velian hill.  But also note the base of the Colossus of Nero!

Here’s a zoom:

And I’ve highlighted also, underneath it, what we can see of the tip of the Meta Sudans.


I have no idea where the site owner gets his stuff.  But it’s stuff that we all want to see!


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  1. You are an idiot for confusing me with two red marks. Which one is the base of colossus? How about some labels retard

  2. Not every commenter is complimentary! This one is obviously a child, who hasn’t thought about whether being rude when making a complaint will help or hinder his complaint. But I’ve adjusted the wording.

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