In progress: an online translation of Gelasius of Cyzicus!

A correspondent writes to tell me of a wonderful thing!  A chap named Nathanael J. Jensen is translating the History of the Council of Nicaea by in 3 books by ps.Gelasius of Cyzicus!  (CPG 6034). Better yet, the results are appearing online!

This work was composed around 475, and contains chunks from earlier, now lost, histories.  Portions of it seem fictional, but it is one of the main untranslated ecclesiastical histories.

The translation is being posted at the Fourth Century website.  Book 1 is already done, book 2 is begun.

You can find what exists so far via here.

I wish we had more of this kind of thing.  Well done, Fourth Century, and Dr J!

UPDATE: I gather this is one of Glen L. Thompson’s projects, and that he is supervising it!  Apologies for not mentioning this.


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  1. How very interesting – thanks indeed to all concerned (and to you for bringing it to our attention)!

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