Cambridge Ancient History (3rd edition) now online at

A delightful discovery this week.  Cambridge University Press have released the 3rd edition of the Cambridge Ancient  History online at!  All 19 volumes!  It’s here.

Those red-clad volumes were £40 each back in 1979.  I used to save up birthday money to buy a volume.  I still have them.  They were never as exciting as I wished they would be.  The 3rd edition was still coming out then.

Via Guy Chamberland.


7 thoughts on “Cambridge Ancient History (3rd edition) now online at

  1. Thanks, Roger, this is a very nice find.

    And I ran into a PDF in searching for info on Joseph Bryennius (trying to find out manuscript information about his use of the heaven witnesses.) Then I found this announcement.

  2. The volume 4 in the set is damaged – it is missing chapters 1, 2 and 3a. If someone could find me a pdf of this volume that adds in the missing chapters I’d be grateful.

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